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    1. Policy Solutions for Ontario's Prosperity

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      Ontario 360 Ontario 360

      Ontario 360 is a project of University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. Its purpose is to sn Ontario’s challenges and opportunities and develop evidence-based public policy ideas for dissemination to inform and shape the Ontario government’s own policy planning and development. Ontario 360 is independent, non-partisan, and fact-based. It provides a neutral platform for policy experts to put forward clear, actionable policy recommendations to promote a growth and opportunity agenda for Ontario. Our advisory council, authors, and Munk School faculty, students, alumni, and supporters do not necessarily endorse or affirm the policy recommendations advanced by the different contributors.

      The Ontario 360 project is currently releasing its second season of policy papers and holding regular policy breakfast sessions. The first tranche of papers, which will be disseminated on a weekly basis starting October 29, will cover a wide range of topics related to Ontario’s competitiveness and prosperity, and involve scholars and practitioners from the University of Toronto and elsewhere in the province. Our accompanying policy breakfast sessions at the Munk School will enable dialogue and discussion among scholars, policy-makers, and Ontarians interested in evidence-based policy. For more information on our Autumn 2019 papers and sessions please send us an email at?ontario.360@utoronto..


      November 13, 2019

      Opportunity Zones: An Opportunity for Ontario

      Lorenzo Gonzalez and Sean Speer outline how economic growth and dynamism have not been evenly distributed across the province, especially when rural and urban areas are compared.